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Buenos Aires—one of Latin America’s most outstanding cities due to its cosmopolitan makeup, its high population density, and its broad tourist market— deserved an Online Guide like 365 Buenos Aires.

365 Buenos Aire Onlien Guide presents ideas and solutions that meet different needs and choices: tourist circuits and a variety of activities —where to eat, shop, dance tango, attend cultural events, also where to learn its language and the history of the city and the country, where to stay and how to travel— among other tips that will make your visit an enjoyable experience to be repeated.

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Accommodation: Hotels
Hotels in Buenos AiresIs a list of different options for accommodation in Buenos Aires. Find here: hotels, apart hotels, boutique hotels, hostel and apartments for rent.
Neighborhoods: La Boca
La BocaLa Boca is possibly the most splendid barrio of Buenos Aires, filled with color from its humble facades and a permanent activity that possesses the soul of whoever happens to pass through.

Touristic services:
· Aerial Taxis - Private flights· Car Rentals
· City Tours and Day trips· Cruises and nautical exits
· Personal Shoppers· Spanish Schools
· Transfers services Ezeiza-Buenos Aires· Travel agencies
Accommodation in Buenos Aires:
· 1-star Hotels· 2-star Hotels
· 3-star Hotels· 4-star Hotels
· 5-star Hotels· Apart-Hotels
· Apartments for rent· Boutique Hotels
· Hostels· Rooms for rent
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